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Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) is a territory with a special legal status for doing business, offering a number of tax incentives and administrative preferences for investors.

The purpose for PSEDA is to create a welcoming environment for investment, facilitate accelerated social and economic development and provide comfortable living conditions for the population.

PSEDAs are regulated by Federal Law No. 473-FZ of December 29, 2014 On Priority Social and Economic Development Areas.


As of April 23, 2019, the following figures for Khabarovsk Kray are valid:

106 applications for doing business in PSEDA have been filed

Total stated amount of investment: RUB 180.5 billion

Expected number of new jobs: 11,220.

60 companies have obtained a PSEDA resident status.

Amount of investment under the agreements concluded: RUB 60.6 billion

Number of new jobs to be created: 6.724.

The residents have actually invested RUB 15.5 billion over the period of PSEDA existence

Tax payments in the amount of RUB 1022.3 million have been made.


Presentation about PSEDA


What are benefits and preferences in PSEDA?


Tax incentives:

7.6% - Lowered social welfare contributions on investment projects over 10 years

0% - Income tax over the first 5 years, 13% - over the next 5 years

0% - Land tax over the first 3 years;

0% - Property tax over the first 5 years, 1.1% - over the next 5 years;

10 days – Accelerated VAT refund procedure;


Administrative and customs preferences:

- One-stop-shop approach for an investor

- Available infrastructure

- Reduced time for resident audits

- Management company’s right to plead residents’ cases before court

- Regime of free customs zone (Read more)

- Simplified conditions to engage workforce (Read more)

- Off-quota foreign worker employment under the decision of the PSEDA Supervisory Board (Read more)



How to become a resident?


Step 1. Make sure you meet eligibility criteria of PSEDA resuident:

  1. Minimum amount of capital contribution to the investment project: RUB 500,000
  2. Investment project compliance with the business lines authorized

List of authorized business lines in Komsomolsk PSEDA

List of authorized business lines in Khabarovsk PSEDA

List of authorized business lines in Nikolaevsk PSEDA

  1. Registration of a legal entity (or a sole proprietor) and doing business in the territory of priority social and economic development area


Step 2. Prepare the documentation package required:

  1. Develop an investment project business plan (a model business plan is provided by the Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East)
  2. Identify your need for land and infrastructure
  3. Complete a Project Activity Agreement request
  4. Prepare the documents to be attached to the request:

- Copies of foundation documents (for legal entities);

- Business plan in the prescribed format;

- Copy of the State Registration Certificate for a legal entity or a sole proprietor;

- Copy of the Certificate of Registration with Tax Authorities;

- Duly certified Russian translation of the certificate of legal entity’s or sole proprietor’s registration under the laws of the state concerned (for foreign entities).


Step 3. Apply for PSEDA resident status:

  1. Submit the required documentation package to Russian Far East Development Corporation Joint Stock Company (RFEDC) or authorized officers of Khabarovsk Kray Government

Addresses and Contact Details for applying

  1. Obtain a positive response from the RFEDC
  2. Enter into a project activity agreement with the RFEDC
  3. Obtain a PSEDA resident certificate from the RFEDC


List of PSEDA resifents


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