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Reasons to invest into the Khabarovsk krai

Strategically favorable geographic location.

Air distance from Khabarovsk to the largest economic centers of East Asia (Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo) is 1500-1800 km.

Availability of qualified workforce resources.

Number one in the Far Eastern Federal Okrug (District) by people involved in the economy, those with average and high professional education.

Integrated state assistance of investment activity.

Developed system of measures of investor’s administration and financial support: tax incentives, tax development loan, state guaranties, subsidies, assistance in going through administrative procedures.

Dynamically developing economy and diverse production potential.

Khabarovsk krai is a center of development of processing industry, a leader in engineering production, petroleum products, and steel and rolled metal in the Far East.

Developed transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Khabarovsk krai is a large transport hub not only in the East of Russia, but in the North-East Asia as well. First place among Far-East regions by total cargo turn-over.

Favorable investment climate.

Based on “Expert-RA” rating agency data, in 2010-2012 Khabarovsk Krai was the best Russian region in investment risks decreasing dynamics.

Experience in implementing large international hi-tech projects.

Production of the first in recent 25 years domestic civil aircraft “Sukhoi Super-jet-100” was launched in Khabarovsk krai. The project involves over 30 largest world airspace companies.

Rich natural resources.

The tenth part of all Far-East reserves of gold, the forth part of platinum reserves, one half of cooper reserves lay in subsoil assets of Khabarovsk krai. The region is among the four largest gold mining substituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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