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The 2nd International specialized Exhibition “Import Substitution” is at IEC Crocus Expo on September 13 - 15 of 2016

07 Jun 2016

The event is to be held with the official support of the Government of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Ministry of Finance of Russia and other government organizations (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation – П9 – 57/983 of 24.11.2015).

The goal of the project is to facilitate the execution of tasks put by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to the Federal Assembly concerning Import substitution program (04.12.2014).

The top public officials who attended the International specialized Exhibition “Import Substitution 2015”, highly appreciated samples of import-substituting products represented at the exhibition, organization level of the event and its congress program.

The expected area of the exposition of the International Specialized Exhibition “Import Substitution 2016” is 26000 sq. m.

At the exhibition it is planned to demonstrate the further development of potential of domestic enterprises and organizations producing competitive import substituting goods and services, their application in various branches of the Russian economy and promotion to the international market.

“Import Substitution 2016” is to become a platform for mutually beneficial business partnership of Manufacturer and Consumer.

The congress program will involve representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of the regions, state corporations and organizations, who will share their experience in achieving specific results in import substitution.

Many Russian regions, companies and agencies, involved in development/production/implementation of import-substituting products in various sectors of economy, have already confirmed their intention to participate at the exposition part of the project and events accompanying the congress program. 

Among the exhibition visitor expected are the chief executives and professional specialist of companies and organizations interested in obtaining new technologies, developments and equipment, as well as domestic goods and services, representatives of wholesale-and-retail trade, retailers, representatives of public authorities and social organizations, international scientific sector, educational institutions, representatives of Russian financial establishments and foreign investors.

The exhibition will be widely covered in public, specific and scientific MEDIA.


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