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Projects of Residents of the Advanced Development Zone “Komsomolsk” to Be Provided with Infrastructure

10 Oct 2017

The city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur is the center of the oil refining, air and shipbuilding industries. It is no coincidence that the specialization of the Advanced Development Zone “Komsomolsk”, which was the very first territory of advanced development formed in the Far -Eastern Federal District, is machine-building, woodworking, metalworking, food processing, and tourism industry.
To date, the JSC “Far East Development Corporation” signed 17 agreements on investment activities in the advanced development zone “Komsomolsk”.
17 investment projects worth a total of 11.6 billion rubles are in various stages of implementation, with three residents - LLC Amur Timber Industry Company, LLC “Tapir-ECO” and JSC “Amur Industrial Center” have already implemented their ideas. In 2015, the plant for the production of rotary-cut veneer with a volume of 300 cubic meters a year was put into operation. Last summer, the production of recycling rubber products into high-quality rubber chips started, and the opening of a plant for the production of sawn timber with a volume of 230 cubic meters per year was held on the days of the Eastern Economic Forum-2017.
The total area of ​​the advanced development zone “Komsomolsk” is about 10 360 hectares, of which no more than five percent are used yet. Four investment sites have been formed: “Parus”, “Amursk”, “Amurlitmash”, and “Holdomi”. Moreover, there are no analogues of the products planned for production in the advanced development zone, or in the Russian market.
For instance, the “Amursk” site, where two woodworking plants are already operating, and in the future the production of alternative energy sources will be set up, is oriented on manufacturing industry.
The territory of the agro-cluster attracted investors who will be engaged in the modernization of the production equipment for the milk plant and the agricultural complex for growing poultry, and will also build a new enterprise for the processing of milk and poultry meat.
At the “Amurlitmash” site, enterprises are planned to process solid domestic waste by rapid pyrolysis, as well as modernization of the existing fish processing plant and the construction of a plant for the production of products and components for enterprises of the machine-building and railway industries.
An Industrial park of industrial type and companies that are focused on the production of Sukhoi Superjet -100 aircrafts, electrical switchgears for aircraft, as well as onboard cable networks and elements, will be located on the “Parus” site.
In addition to industrial enterprises, part of the advanced development zone “​​Komsomolsk” will be occupied by tourist facilities. Spa- and year-round mountain skiing complexes, comfortable hotels will be located on the site “Holdomi”.
In addition to providing land, a number of preferences and providing administrative support to the residents of the advanced development zones, the “Far East Development Corporation” provides construction of infrastructure facilities.
Of the seventeen investment projects, nine that are planned at the sites “Holdomi” and “Parus”, are in need of water supply and sewage networks, electricity and gas supply. For these purposes, the federal and regional budgets envisage over 1.3 billion rubles.
Currently, contracts for connection (technical connection) of the site “Holdomi” to the electricity and gas supply networks are at the stage of being concluded. The contract for the connection (technical connection) to the gas distribution networks at the site “Parus” is already concluded, and in October the contractor will start construction of a 7.5 km gas pipeline with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters / hour, which will be sufficient to supply residents of the “Komsomolsk” advanced development zone.
Also, within the framework of providing power supply for the “Parus” site, an agreement was concluded with the Khabarovsk Power Grid - the branch of the JSC “Far-Eastern Distribution Company” -  on the implementation of technological connection to 9 MW electric grids and construction of four 10 kV transmission lines from the 220 kV Substation “Parus”. The next step is conclusion of a contract with the Municipal Unitary Enterprise of Water Supply “Gorvodokanal” in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur for technological connection of additional pre-site water supply and sewerage networks with a total length of 880 meters.
The construction of access roads - a four-lane road with a length of 1.5 km is in its active phase, the commissioning of the facility is scheduled for December 2017. Also at the expense of the federal and regional budgets, repair and reconstruction of the Khabarovsk-Lidoga-Vanino highway is envisaged. Particular attention is paid to the social infrastructure: the advanced development zone “Komsomolsk” will accommodate a children's hospital complex, a palace of sports, and the engineering school will be reconstructed.
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