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Khabarovsk Kray Has Made Its Way into Top-20 National Investment Climate Ranking

15 Jun 2018

The Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum handled presentation of national investment climate ranking for the country’s regions. According to its results, Khabarovsk Kray has improved its position 22 points up to take the 18th place.


Svetlana Chupsheva, General Director, Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI), outlined that the number of regions showing improvement over the previous year’s score had amounted to 78.


“This is the outcome of the effective work done by all government departments and public authorities, especially at a local level. We have managed to challenge stereotypes that the Russian Far East is unable to compete with the central regions due to its remoteness and severe climatic conditions. Khabarovsk Kray has already made its way into the country’s Top-20. Sakhalin Oblast has jumped 42 spots up and Kamchatka Kray – 36 spots up,” said ASI General Director.


It was highlighted that Khabarovsk Kray had made a progress in cadastral registration procedures and performance quality of business institutions and small business support instruments.


Addressing the presentation, Governor Vyacheslav Shport noted that in spite of the previous year’s success when the region rose from the 73rd place up to the 40th, the Kray’s authorities continued to foster a dialog with the business community. 


“It was not easy, but we managed to cope with the task, assigned by the President of Russia who had tasked the Eastern Russia’s regions to rank among the country’s Top-30 by 2020, ahead of schedule. Getting feedback from the business community is vital for making business environment comfortable. We clearly understand that private investment and enterprising initiative are key factors for the country’s and each region’s economic development. Therefore, we have completely reshaped our relations with the business sector. The Khabarovsk Kray government has been turned into the headquarters to manage all the field work on investment and business climate. And the strategy yields results,” said the Kray Governor.


According to Vyacheslav Shport, two thirds of the Project Office for Investment Climate Improvement and the Khabarovsk Kray Business Council are business people who formulate the agenda of interest and take an active part in public audit of licensing procedures.


The practices to hold the Business Council’s field meetings in the municipal districts of Khabarovsk Kray have been found to work well.


In addition, a small and medium business support system has been well established in the region. The system is focused on the ready access to the key business infrastructure. For example, for business people convenience, a single building accommodates Khabarovsk Kray Business Promotion Agency, Small Business Support Fund, Guarantee Fund, Regional Representative Office of MSP Bank, Export Support Center and a multifunctional center to provide 45 services for business.


A decision was made to extrapolate the positive experience to a municipal level. Seven one-stop service centers have already been opened. A total of 17 centers will be set up.


The Kray Governor outlined that great attention was paid to land allocation for implementation of investment projects. Regional experts studied and adapted practices of Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Samara Oblast, the most advanced territories experienced in the field.


It is to be recalled that, based on the last year’s ASI ranking, Khabarovsk Kray improved its position in the final list of regions by 33 points. This progress was due to the efforts made, namely: the Kray managed to shorten the term for procurement of construction permits, reduce the number of licensing procedures, and reshape the small business support pattern.

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